• HTML5 Frameworks

    With the release of HTML5, the Web is making the biggest leap forward in a generation. It's now possible to support local structured storage, rich media, deep device access, and more using a web browser. The fact is with the right development tools just about every type of application interaction can be delivered from any browser on any device.

  • Built with Web Standards

    Our web developers leverage established web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build powerful webapps that run on touch enabled mobile devices. Usage of web standards allows us to take full advantage of vendor neutrality and also better interoperability across devices.

  • Native Look and Feel

    Modern HTML5 frameworks allow you to create high-quality animations and transitions for mobile web. The frameworks provide high performance scalable grids, trees, menus, widgets and more that help achieve the native look and feel in the apps.

  • Write Once & Run Everywhere

    Webkit – the open source web browser engine running on all the mobile devices helps deliver sophisticated mobile web applications across operating systems using a single code base. This allows bringing the power of web on the mobile devices regardless of the browser your customer uses.