Service Cloud

Mobile devices will soon become the primary way people consume cloud applications. From cloud integration to custom cloud solutions, our end-to-end team helps clients deliver cloud solutions that are secure, robust and compatible with any mobile device.

Connect the clouds

Our cloud engineers can help into connecting the hybrid world of private clouds, public clouds and on premise-applications and deliver the solution on a mobile device. With the mobile cloud integration the users would get real-time visibility of data in the cloud and maximize their productivity. This productivity enhancement enables increases user adoption and enables companies to maximize the value of their investments in cloud applications.

Cloud-Accelerated Mobile Solutions

Mobile content is highly personalized. It changes by device type, user profile, location and network. This makes the content delivery behind a consistent, high-quality experience to mobile users a true challenge. A cloud supported mobile solutions helps meet the challenge by keeping track of device capabilities, devices' network connections, to geo-location data, personalized settings and other preferences that optimize delivery and ensure end users have a consistently excellent mobile application experience.