Veloziti is an exciting place to cultivate your career.

Veloziti is committed to delivering only the best results for customers. Anything less than excellence will not do. At Veloziti, we see the everyday as a bar that continually needs to be raised. Here, you are more than just another employee in just another large, faceless organization. Veloziti recognizes you as a person with skills, needs, and aspirations. At Veloziti, your talents are honed, your achievements recognized, and your every contribution is valued. Step inside our world and you'll find one brilliant mind after another working together in a spirit of collaboration that is simply contagious.

Ideal Candidates

Since its inception, Veloziti has benefited from the skills and commitment of exceptional people. Today, as always, we seek the best talent to build on our success story. We at Veloziti deliver excellence to our clients – and as such, we are looking for outstanding individuals who want to invest and develop their skills and passion for what they do.

Veloziti searches for employees who are intelligent, confident and who can master a broad spectrum of skills. Integrity, trust and the ability to balance hard work and fun are essential to Veloziti's unique culture and we are looking for these traits in those we hire. We hold our employees at the highest esteem and our company to a high standard.

Working at Veloziti

At Veloziti we care for our employees as much as we care about success. Working for Veloziti means more than being an employee; it is being a part of the Veloziti family and enjoying all the benefits that Veloziti offers. We know that motivated, happy and satisfied employees are the basis for a successful, growing company.

Veloziti employees enjoy a supportive environment, outstanding opportunities for professional growth, and a chance to help Veloziti drive the new economy and provide innovative solutions for business decision makers across the globe.