Custom Design and Engineering

Our engineering team designs and develops mobile solutions based on business objectives, customer usability and technology feasibility of mobile platform. Each mobile platform (iOS, Android, etc) comes with unique feature list, programming framework and makes it challenging to develop a solution that work across these devices. Our custom applications help clients create one-of-a-kind experiences with flawless brand continuity, building the user experience around specific device features such as a touchscreen, integrated buttons, gestures, and more. Variance in hardware and operating environments shouldn't cheapen the user experience. Our development technique promises a cost-effective approach to providing the same quality experience across devices.

Create Engaging Experience

We develop with interface scaling in mind, where buttons and fonts stretch and shrink depending on the device. This technique ensures that the resolution is smoothly scaled across devices, significantly decreasing cost for clients. Design is as much about function, interaction, and driving engagement as it is making things visually appealing. We co-locate our visual designers, user researchers, and interaction designers to create apps that are not only visually stunning, but optimized for real world scenarios.

Methodical Testing and Continuous Integration

Continuous manual and automated testing during development ensures that each unit of code performs exactly as intended. Sophisticated software tools allow us to automate UI, performance, and stability testing across environments. We test on a fleet of physical devices through testing partnerships to identify issues before they reach the user. We test every path and line of code in our iOS applications for the greatest possible code coverage. While traditional QA testing achieves only 20-30% coverage, our full unit tests reach approximately 80-90% of the code base to enhance code quality and lower the likelihood of bugs down the line. We test the entire application after every change, because even the slightest modification can affect an application's performance.

Social, Local, Mobile

APIs from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media hubs keep your users connected and foster an active community of followers. Location- based apps on BlackBerry are often constructed using one of three key approaches:

  • In-device GPS
  • IP-triangulation
  • Cell tower triangulation

The content of your app may dictate which technology is best to use, but often the wisest solution is to integrate all three. We have expertise in every technique, and employ our own cell tower triangulation library that reliably locates the device without requiring carrier partnerships.

Blended Delivery Model

Close collaboration between design and engineering makes the difference between an average mobile experience and one that is truly great. Working side by side, each of our specialists develops an in-depth understanding of the other's work for smoother communication and smarter collaboration. One size does not fit all, especially in the world of IT. Infinite understands that each initiative is a balance of cost and control. So we offer a blended delivery model, allowing you the flexibility to choose where resources are located during the engagement.